What is the difference between the image search results when a person types “Three Black Teenagers” into google and then types “Three White Teenagers”?

Some people found the results disturbing and some people are calling google racist; Watch the video below for whether these claims are valid or invalid. And then carry on reading for some more analysis on this issue.

As I explain in the video google images is showing people the most popular tags and searches. If Black people want google to change the search result they can do two things. 1465216_10154046952907744_3474846321855233541_n

  1. Start a campaign pushing google to change the order of the search results. However, what really would be the point of this? How many people actually regularly type “Three Black Teenagers” into google? Barely anyone! Moreover, it wouldn’t mean the mugshots of people whom have committed crimes would disappear. They would simply be replaced with the same fake/model images that appear for “Three white teenagers”.
  2. Instead start sharing, searching and making more positive stories about black teenagers. Ie if there were more stories of black teenagers doing well or positive news they would be higher up in the search results. This is the best and my preferred strategy of working towards changing the perception of Black teenagers/people.

We all know there are plenty of Black teenagers doing positive things every single day. But are you sharing or promoting their stories? Or do you get distracted by the negative or by pointless discussions?

Each person must look at how they contribute to the perception of Black people and youth culture. Are you following/liking pages like MediaTakeOut or WorldStarHipHop? These sites only perpetuate the stereotypes and negative stories of Black people by constantly sharing fight videos and other ignorant behaviour and content.

If you or people you know prolifically share negative videos you are part of the problem and worse than the results of these google searches.love antoinespeaks black girl validation beautiful black is beautiful

Point being, everyone must take personal responsibility for the part they play in the perception of themselves and their community. If you want a positive perception then start sharing and doing positive things. If you are already doing so; then start inspiring others to follow your example. But, also remember that your validation for whom you are, your worth, your people and your destiny should never come or be sculpted by what the media says about you.

Those are the bigger issues than a random search term barely anyone will every type.

So, in short no google is nor racist. FYI if you google “Black Teenagers” the search results are smiling faces of black friends i.e. stock photography images. Just as if you google ‘Sexy Black mum’ instead of ‘Sexy Black mom’ you get completely different results. Google  is only a reflection of society and the internet. Three Black teenagers, black people, black teenagers, antoinespeaks,

With that said, remember the media, social media and people influence search results both negatively and positively. If you want change; you must be the change you want to see. I have written a letter to brothers; read and share if you agree.

With that said, let us know your thoughts.

Do you think our analysis of this issue was valid or invalid?
Do you think google should purposely change the results?
Please comment below and share; challenge someone to think a little deeper

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