Self Love… the thoughts of Ashlee Brown on why women need to discover a love for themselves, especially when they are single.

Ashlee speaks: Love is desired by everyone, but it’s the kind of love that we should embrace that may be the problem.

Being a single woman, of course, I get lonely. Sometimes, I long for the company; however, I have to decide if the company I seek is worth it!

Your worth is not being measured by love or lack thereof, but in order to be loved we must first love ourselves, or expecting others to love us is impossible. We would be seeking validation from others, Not loving yourself creates insecurities and we allow low self-esteem to consume us. On the other

hand, Everyone may not know how to love. We are often products of our environment but there are exceptions! We must first be willing to love, to allow the right love to come into our lives! Think about our first glimpse of love, a heartbeat through the womb, and when it stops we express our undying love.

We are remembered by the love we have shown to others…


Ashlee Brown

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