This is a shameful video of a white male that was allegedly abducted and tortured by 4 Black people from Chicago, USA. This 18-year old man has been reported as having ‘mental health challenges’. All alleged perpetrators have been arrested and charged with a Hate Crime. The Police force has condemned their actions; along with the majority of the public.

The video is shocking and shameful and the actions of these 4 people cannot and will not be tolerated or supported. No doubt with such damning video evidence they will also face a harsh punishment from the law.

In our latest video, we break down what has happened and read some of the facts we found on the internet. As well as discuss the spurious generalizations some people have been making.

In the video, the attackers can be heard saying

 “f*ck Donald Trump n*gger, f*ck white people, boy.”

This is why some people have stated that if this were a Black person that had been kidnapped and tortured on a Facebook live video- there would be more outrage and coverage.

However, a similar(but not the same) incident took place in 2015. A Black man with learning difficulties was allegedly raped and attacked by 3 of his team mates. However, because there was no video footage it did not have a massive public reaction.

Moreover, there has already been a lot of coverage by major news sources and many people on social media have spoken out against these four young adults deplorable and inexcusable actions.

Thus, a person will struggle to find any person who is supportive of this deplorable behavior. This video is another example of the narcissistic hate and disregard for our shared humanity that has revealed itself time and time again on social media and society. It should not be used as an excuse for more violence, generalisation or attacks. The families of the victims of Dylann Roof’s attack called for forgiveness after he murdered their loved ones. Thankfully, the young man in this video was able to turn home to his family.

Therefore, regardless of race, this video and the people in its actions are wrong. No one should be physically attacked because of their race, political choices, gender, sexual orientation or any other reason.

However, it has to be said that after the Election of Donald Trump there was animosity from both sides. As a people we should be using of words and not our fists to debate, discuss and argue our differences.

‘3Cs of Life; choice, chance and change- you must make the choice, to take the chance, if you want anything to ever change.’  Antoine Allen
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