Are these legs painted white or shiny with oil?

_92109420_legsSeriously, we do not know the answer- we can only see shiny oily legs. Yes, there’s a dash of white on them- but that seems more like a reflection because they are so shiny… arrghh my brain!!

If you are seeing white you are not alone. The BBC have reported that most people are seeing legs painted white. Those people then tell someone else it is white paint and magically that person also sees the white paint. I am yet to experience this ‘enWHITEnment’. Maybe, I am just too resist to people’s Jedi mind tricks

This is optical illusions seems like the many other optical illusions such as The dress: some people saw a blue and black dress others say white and gold Dress.

Here are some more examples of illusions– we explained the science behind them- click here!


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