“Once you see that Sh*t it will f*ck you up for life” Sausage Party. This Seth Rogen movie looks hilarious plus you won’t have to hear kids crying or their high pitch out of sync laughter during this adult animation movie.

Empire Magazines says ‘Seth Rogen and his merry band of pot-smoking comedians are back – in animated form. The writer, actor and director has assembled something of a repertory group of comedians, appearing together in the likes of Pineapple Express to This Is The End, and now the cheekily-titled Sausage Party.’ movie film

This film will be the story of food coming to horrifying realisation that they are cooked and eaten. Not sure if this film should come with a warning to vegans as well as parents…

As we have reported previously, the impact of the success of Deadpool has meant studios will be investing more money and time in adult comedies, animations and superhero movies. There will even be a R-rated version of batman vs Superman! Maybe they have realised we are all really big kids at heart.

Sausage Party is in threats August 12th. Here is the newest trailer

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