Anthony Joshua secured his 19th professional boxing fight and his World Heavyweight Champion status with an 11th round knockout of former heavy champion of the world Wladimir Klitschko. It was an epic night of boxing, sport and your opinionated friends on social media! Here are the top examples of tweets your social media ‘friends’ couldn’t wait to type:

  • AJ’s believers…

  • Girls/Guys objectifying AJ…

  • Guys jealous of the objectification or simply praise of a top male boxer…

  • Klitschko fans…

  • Fury fans… Fury is the biggest fan of himself!

  • Nigerians letting people know Anthony Joshua represents them too

The I put money on the fight and won crew

People trying to join in the conversation by stating they aren’t watching the fight…

  • Giving praise where praise is due! (this is us)

On that positive note, congratulations to Anthony Joshua, he has done himself, his family, his team, his city, his country, his people and the boxing world proud. Check out our article on why Anthony Joshua is redefining what it means to be a heavy champion and a ‘real man’.

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