Donald Trump’s tweets have been the cause of controversy and media debate, discussion and backlash, since his inauguration. However, Al-Jazeera believes the constant coverage of Trump’s 140 characters has allowed him to pass laws that warranted more media spotlight and scrutiny. Such as the TrumpCare Bill where ‘The elites get a tax cut. The poor will lose protection.’

In February Al-Jazeera made this video on ‘what has trump done so far?’

The Financial Times has already said TrumpCare ie his Health Care Bill is in a ‘death spiral’.

The bill’s second Trumpian element is its upwardly redistributive effects. It would cut taxes on the top 2 per cent of Americans by $885bn over the next decade and cut spending on the poorest Americans by almost exactly the same amount. As a result, there would be 24m fewer Americans with health insurance by 2026 according to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office. A disproportionate share of those losing their insurance would be older, white Americans who voted Trump. This too is a classic Trumpian bait and switch. He promised something radically different to what he is delivering. The elites get a tax cut. The poor will lose protection.


Antoine Allen

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