Trevor Noah did an OK job putting the Tomi Lahren in her place. However, we live in an era when Ok just is not OK enough. Hillary Clinton gave ok Speeches, ok debates and ran an OK campaign. But in the face of misinformation, propaganda and self-righteous anti-truth, Ok is not enough!

People like Miss Lahren have to be dissected one point at a time, without the subliminal nods to an audience that already finds her annoying, disdainful or outright wishes she did not have any airtime at all. Therefore, Trevor’s task was to speak to Tomi Lahren’s fans, not make his own fans give him further props that he already receives on a ‘daily’ basis.

He failed. Why? Because if I was a Tomi Lahren fan I would have thought

that Trevor Noah guys is nice for a liberal, but he wasn’t good enough to take down my Tomi

Therefore, Trevor Noah didn’t do his job! He failed. Tomi’s follows should have been like

The most ignorant followers::

Damn, I thought Tomi was smarter than that, Trevor(insert racial slur) made her look ridiculous


The least ignorant followers:

wow all this this time I thought Tomi was the truth- Trevor really showed her up to be a liar- I might have to do my own research from now onwards

Michelle Obama said ‘when they go low we go high’. Well, that tactic would have worked if Michelle Obama was running for president. Michelle can embody an inspirational ‘high’ campaign. Whereas Hillary simply could not. Just as maybe John Stewart might have been able take the high ground when interviewing Tomi. He may have been able to make her look ridiculous with simply calm responses. The kind of responses that Trevor Noah gave. The kind of responses that allowed Tomi to reveal her lack of knowledge and hypocritical outrage- yet


This is what someone said on Tumblr:

When black men talk about racism with white men, it’s a bloody war with sweat and popping temple veins but when it’s with a white woman? It’s just a conversation of opinions that will be continued over drinks later. How Trevor Noah handled Tomi Laren wasn’t revolutionary. I don’t know why people are praising him. He’s basic and actually disappointing. He would have told off a white man with those same views way harder. He delicately handled Tomi and sent her cupcakes later. Mediocrity.

Charlamagne has since apologized for this tweet

However, the mere fact that someone of his stature and notoriety can believe there is not a woman of colour with a platform on social media(when in fact there are) shows how some Black men do not follow, support or pay notice to black female bloggers and speakers. This is why I made this:  I Apologise To Black Women #Antoinespeaks

* Trevor Noah has said he did not personally send Tomi a cupcake. But it seems it was from the Daily Show team.

Here is how you are supposed to interview/grill people like Tomi Lahren

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With that said, let us know your thoughts.

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