The trailer for Thor Ragnarok is epic. It is funny, subtle, exciting and leaves you wanting more. It is a prime example of why in the battle for superhero supremacy Marvel keeps pinning D.C down for the count!

Undoubtedly we have to compare it to the Justice League Trailer.  The Justice League Trailer was good, it a much-improved vision of how D.C can save their franchise. However, Marvel is beyond good, everything it produces needs to be great, innovative, exciting and groundbreaking- but most of all match and surpass the previous seemingly unsurmountable levels reached by films like The Avengers, Captain America Civil War, AnT-man and Guardians Of The Galaxy. This trailer looks like another homerun.

However, we all remember Avengers Age Of Ultron- That too had an epic trailer but the film itself was simply ok. Ok in comparison to our first introduction to the avengers’ team.

With that said, Marvel learned from their mistakes and came back in Captain America Civil War- which was pretty much perfection! This is why Marvel rules over D.C. Marvel knows how to rectify mistakes quickly, it knows what its audience wants and it delivers on people’s comic book fantasies. Whereas D.C is ruining people’s hopes and dreams one by one. Do you know how long people waiting to see Batman finally take on Superman on the big screen? Only for D.C to gives us ‘Martha!!!’. C’mon Son Aint nobody got time for dat!

Trailer Info: The end looks very much similar to or an homage to Planet Hulk- Which would make for an epic film by itself. If you can watch the animation version of Planet Hulk. It really is another great movie.

What were your thoughts of the trailer?

What are your thoughts?

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