two men, strangerWe mistreat those close to us; we live in a world where strangers are more our own blood than those who raised us.

Who the hell can you call a friend or enemy? But when we choose to let go, we are left with regret. Hoping one day, Karma will make it all right again.

Our souls begin to weep into a stranger’s eyes, they take you in. They treat you as one of them own, regardless of your sin.

The clock does not stop for no one, it does not care.

The stranger will not judge you, so do not run.

Time does not care if you bleeding, begging or trapped in hell, the strangers will protect you and keep you well. We all disappear but the strangers will live to tell the tale.

By Arun Paul Kapur


We basically take for granted loved ones because we believe no matter what wrong we do, they are still right for us and will never leave our side.

The emphasis that sometimes loved ones don’t know what is best for you and strangers are the ones to give guidance in life at worst of times. Also we yearn for just a shoulder and listening ears, we will seek it from anyone whether we have known them a matter of seconds.

The stranger will listen and eventually disappear from your life as they were just a time passer, but one that listened to your pain burning inside.

Finally, no matter what situation you may be in, time doesn’t wait for anyone and if you got something to do or say don’t waste what you have and just simply go for it.

Written by Arun Paul Kapur

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