See the beauty, power and spirit of ballet being learnt in the ‘ghettos’ of Africa. I think these images show that despite where a person may come from their dream will grow and flourish in the most of unlikely places.

Across the world there are nations and Black people refusing to be pigeonholed into their expected sports and hobbies. From the rise of Jamaican and Black American swimming, gymnastics and diving. These images show how Africans are pursuing their dreams and breaking out of social norms and expectations; despite living in sometimes impoverished conditions.

“Township Ballet” Mzanzi, the National Ballet of South Africa, has introduced a program to give disadvantaged youngsters in townships a chance to get involved into classical ballet . Alexandria/Soweto , South Africa . 14′ Photographer Frank Trimbos

Our dreams are not imprisoned by our surroundings.
Our hopes will not be chained down by starting at the bottom.
Our goals will not be surrendered despite us facing many challenges whilst climbing towards the mountain top.
A person with belief in themselves will always find a way to shine through the darkness.
They will use their own power and determination to illuminate their own path to greatness.
Antoine Allen

Watch here for a news report on Township Ballet

What are your thoughts?

What sport did you do as a child?
Do you feel some nations and races are more inclined or pushed to pursue certain sports and shunned from others?
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