Check out Artist Pierre Jean-Louis, who uses an app called Enlight to turn portraits of Black women with natural hair into colourful and imaginative expression of nature’s natural beauty.

His goal is to empower more women to embrace their natural hair, by creating a series of beautiful portraits. His images are especially important in the wake of the increase in skin whitening in the black community. A sad phenomena that has been personified by celebrities like Lil Kim. We discuss the lack of diversity in ‘beauty standards’ and its impact on society in the video below. lil kim

Jean-Louis hopes to highlight the power and beauty of black women. “I want the whole world to know that Mother Nature is actually black and we wouldn’t be here without her. I want every young black queen to remember that.”

On Jean-Louis’s Instagram page you can find his artwork on canvasses, clothing and even Timberland Boots.

The rest of Jean-Louis’s images can be found at

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