These were the alarming words of Kathy Miller Donald Trump’s campaign chair in Ohio, when speaking to The Guardian. Mrs Miller goes on to state

“If you’re black and you haven’t been successful in the last 50 years, it’s your own fault.”

Miller’s statements on the #BlackLivesMatter movement and Black voters are also alarming:

“You’ve had the same schools everybody else went to. You had benefits to go to college that white kids didn’t have. You had all the advantages and didn’t take advantage of it. It’s not our fault, certainly.”

Miller also called the Black Lives Matter movement “a stupid waste of time” and said lower voter turnout among African Americans could be related to “the way they’re raised”.

Mrs Miller has since resigned after receiving  backlash online for this interview. However, her opinions seem like they reflect both previous statement’s Trump has insinuated and the mindset of many of his supporters. Even his “Make America Great Again” slogan makes it seem like life used to be Amazing for everyone, African Americans included.

However, in the last 50 years, there have been numerous riots and protests by African Americans as a response to police brutality, inequality in education, inequality in the workplace and racism in society at large. No doubt life has generally improved but that improvement has not lead to a post-racial society. Even though some people believed the election of Barack Obama meant America’s racist history was just that, history. Yet, Obama’s election on revealed two things about America.

  1. Racism is alive and well; even if it has decreased.
  2. One man cannot bring about the end of racism; even if he is considered ‘the most powerful man in the world’. Only through societal change can racism be diminished and eventually defeated

Obama didn’t receive 100% of the vote in either of his elections. Yes, there would have been those who did not like his policies or Democratic party. But there would have also been people who did not vote for President Obama for a more sinister reason.  Considering there are many America who have called him ”the anti-christ’, questioned his American citizenship and said he is secretly a Muslim; it is not hard to believe that many of those same people would not have voted for him simply because he was not white.

In this clip The Daily Show interviewed some of Trump’s supporters and they revealed their ignorance

All jokes aside, Americans, Seriously!!!! Make the right choice

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