This video breaks down the problems with being ‘beautiful’. However, the question becomes if a person has not experienced these anxieties and problems are they just not ‘very beautiful’?

beautiful eye public opinion society loveI have to say this, this video does not define beauty, it allows the viewer to come to their own conclusion on what is ‘beauty’. Thus, this is a personal preference that will determine how much you agree or disagree with this short video. It will also determine how much you have encountered these anxieties. Let us stress that these anxieties are not unique to beauty. A person with a lot of money whether earned or inherited may have similar thoughts on how people judge them. A person who is funny may think “if I stop telling jokes, will they stop listening to what I have to have to say”. A person with status, fame, celebrity or notoriety may think “if I wasn’t famous would I still have these adoring fans; would someone really care about me tweeting about going for a shower?”. Herein lies the problems with self-worth based on public opinion or status supported by another person’s judgment of you. Remember a bird can fly with or without the admiration of David Attenborough.

But what is beauty?

The Dictionary defines Beautiful as ‘Having qualities that delight or appeal to the senses and often the mind’. It could be said that this video speaks of how other people may perceive that beauty and assign how much another person may delight or appeal to them i.e. public opinion. However, it is as the equation above illustrate (give or take some kind of fraction i can’t work out0. For instance, how ‘beautiful’ Angelina Jolie sees herself will be:

How beautiful she believes herself to be = [Societies definition of beauty] X [her definition of beauty]

So, if a person sees themselves negatively in terms of fitting societies definition, it will negatively impact their own definition of beauty, meaning they won’t see themselves as ‘beautiful. This is what is wrong with current society! Each person must have a high perception of their own beauty and qualities. It shouldn’t matter to you whether your beauty is appreciated by others or whether your intelligence, personality, character, honesty, sporting prowess, kindness or any other characteristic we deem positive are appreciated. If you know your value and know yourself you should not seek to gain approval or validation from anyone else. As Bernie Mac once said “It doesn’t matter if you like me; I LIKE ME”model beautiful sexy lips

With that said, would you consider yourself beautiful and have you experienced these problems?
If you aren’t beautiful have you had these thoughts about the beautiful people?
Let us know your thoughts