BMW have released their ‘vision’ for the future of the motorbike. This slick futuristic design is most notable for BMW’s claim that it will mean riders will no longer need to wear a helmet! Is the BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100 the future?

“Glasses instead of a helmet, light clothing, full balance without a stand: just three of a great many aspects which could become standard in motorcycling and give that feeling of freedom a new dimension in an increasingly digitalised world. And the best thing about it: this vision vehicle is already here. Introducing the BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100.” BMW

This bike it just one of the many future innovations that may end up changing the world we live in. We have already reported on the robots Google are making and the technology that is looking to evolve Skype into something more akin to star trek.

Here’s a look at their vision for the future

Here are some of the Key features

  • Data Glasses instead of a helmet
    The glasses provide the rider with information such as directions and potential hazards. Whilst doing this the rider and motorbike are in a constant exchange of information- this is to enable the safety functions to keep the rider safe and with no need to wear a conventional helmet. However, the glasses do offer wind protection and resistance; but little over protection. This is because the rider is supposed to be protected by the many features of the bike. Such as, the display being similar to that in an aircraft cockpit. It shows the current angle of lean and the ideal line. If there is any deviation, the rider can correct this. If the rider fails to react or does so too late, the motorcycle corrects itself
  • The Frame Followers The Wheel
    ‘The Flexframe is flexible and allows steering maneuvers without the joints we are familiar with today. If the handlebars are moved, the entire frame changes shape and facilitates the change in direction. Depending on the traffic situation, the forces required for this vary: steering maneuvers are especially easy at a standstill, while the frame firms up at high speeds’
  • Opposed –Twin Engine With Emissionless Drive
    ‘The “engine” sits amid the frame. It is a stylish element and a historical reminiscence at the same time: in shape and design it reminds us of the traditional BMW opposed-twin engine, whilst housing the emissionless drive unit. Depending on the riding situation, the exterior shape of the opposed-twin engine changes. At a standstill, it lies tight.
    As soon as you begin riding, the engine block protrudes out of the sides. In doing so, it optimizes the aerodynamics and the motorcycle’s weather protection during the ride. Polished aluminum in this area exudes that high-quality vibe.’


  • Self Balancing
    A motorcycle doesn’t need a stand. Not when assistance systems ensure perfect balance. Self-balancing enables the BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100 to remain stable both during the ride and at a standstill. This in turn increases the level of safety for the rider. It also makes it easier for beginners, because they are led safely through every riding situation and cannot fall over.
  • Fashion statement instead of heavy protection clothes
    In short, smart clothing- the rider will wear a suit that can change from hot to cold and is flexible and comfortable to wear. The flexible belt structure on the suit and shoes takes its inspiration from muscle cords. The clothing can react to the wearer’s body tilting on the road. It will subsequently vibrant and indicate that the rider is going to turn. A safety function of the rider clothing is not required due to the intelligent assistance systems.

It seems BMW’s future will be heavily reliant on technological advancements to keep us safe. This is similar to how most of us use Google maps to get from place to place. However, what happens when we run out of battery or Google map sends us into a ditch or dead end? This malfunction would have far more dramatic and deadly consequences if a smart app was in control of whether we crash and burn. Moreover, I do not foresee the smart glasses being able to protect the rider from the un-smart actions of other road users on four or more wheels. With that said, this Motorbike does look very futuristic; perhaps the future will be safer for riders than the present.

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