After completing her UK tour Teedra Moses blessed an intimate Youtube Space London crowd with acoustic renditions of her biggest hits. The set ended with her most notable hit Be Your girl. However, after pleading from the crowd, the R&B diva graciously agreed to do an impromptu ac a cappella rendition of Back Strokedue to the replacement guitarist not having enough time to learn the chords to this fan favourite. All of Teedra’s performances received rapturous applause from a crowd that was stunned to silence from her shear mesmerising singing ability.

Be Your Girl:

Backstroke- A cappella performance:

Here is the full amazing performance:

During the evening Teedra Moses commanded the small intimate stage and left all that attended wanting more. The R&B Diva was able to wow the crowd with her vocal ability but also entertain them with playful quips and informative anecdotes and a Q&A that gave fans a chance to learn more about the music industry and its demands on artists. Many thanks to Youtube Space London and ADTV for putting on such a wonderful evening.

Here’s a reminder of Teedra Moses’ albums


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