A suspected suicide bomb attack has taken place this morning at 8am, at two places in the Brussels’ International Airport.

At least 23 people have been confirmed dead and many people have been injured due to the Airport attacks. 15 People have been reported confirmed dead after a later attack on the Maalbeek Metro station.

Here are some of the latest images

The Mirror reports the explosion at Brussels Airport was a suicide attack, the Belgian prosector has confirmed to local media sources.

Belgian broadcaster RTBF quoted a public prosecutor saying the airport explosion was a suicide attack.

How could this have happen?

‘BBC security correspondent Frank Gardner says it is “not a surprise” that this attack has taken place but says it is “shocking it was so successful”.

He said since the Since Charlie Hebo attacks in Paris in January last year, which killed 12 people, there had been a number of terror cells “on the loose” that had been inspired by so-called Islamic State and had access to weapons and explosives.

He said Belgian intelligence services had been playing “catch-up” since then and did not have a “very good system” of sharing information across the various authorities.

He said attacks in Britain had been prevented by Muslim communities reporting suspicious behaviour to police but this was not yet happening in Belgium.’ BBC

Also, in Britain we are lucky we aren’t connected to mainland Europe. This inhibits the free flow of weapons from other conflict zones. However, everyone still needs to stay vigilant and work together as one nation. Thus, once again we should not let sad and shocking events like today divide us.

Turkey faced their own set of devastating suicide bombs last week. It is sad to say but this may well be the future we will live in until the many conflict zones around the world have found peace and inequality isn’t so ripe around the world.

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