bujuBuju Banton performed a powerful poem on Def Poetry Jam. The stand out line is ‘stand up and defend your rights, up up yet might race, you can accomplish what you will’. The spoken word really is a call for people to self-empowered and to fight for what they believe in.  His poem is a poetical remix of his song ‘Up Ye Mighty Race

How long must our people be a human sacrifice
Stand up defend your rights
Up up ye mighty race
you can accomplish what you will
Stand up defend your rights
In one day they destroy what took a thousand to build
Stand up defend your rights
You may conquer our land you never kill the will
Stand up defend your rights

Liberty and democracy are truly expensive can even cost your life
And those who stand for nothing fall for any little thing
Father heal the blinded eye
The immortal advantage they take my people
The heavens heard the cry
Saviour our calamity is so great
Patiently the humble wait

To attain freedom
Why must there be shedding of blood
Is there no real love
Are they still holding a grudge
Penal institution to keep us down
massive destruction of other nations
less investment in educations

We did we went wrong
stand up defend your rights
Nation going to war against of each other
but you are still my brother regardless of colour

We demand the right to be head,
the rights to be seen
the rights to question information
can’t you see the federal manipulation
millions dying of starvation
as the super power plans another bum-ba clart invasions

Who has the power to veto
stand up and say no
defend your rights
you have already paid the price
and been a sacrifice
No more shedding of blood
no more loss of lives
remove the veil from your eyes.
By Buju Banton

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‘3Cs of Life; choice, chance and change- you must make the choice, to take the chance, if you want anything to ever change. ‘
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