Spiela is a collaborative online network, with a mission to help the young people of today to learn and engage with influential people, in their fields of interest.

The concept behind Spiela is powerfully simple, with a motto of ‘Connect, Collaborate and Shine’. Spiela connects talented people from diverse and challenging backgrounds with a platform to break free from social labels and reach their full potential.

Spiela does this by highlighting all of the amazing, incredibly talented people, initiatives and groups available in less fortunate areas, and connects them to the right people through events and the social networking website they are creating which is designed to help users develop and grow, both personally and professionally.

The initiative has already gained support from industry experts enthusiastic about helping nurture London’s talented youth. These include Capital Xtra Presenter Toni Phillips, Dr Ali Razzak and Labour Party senior policy advisor, Andrew Fisher.

Founder and brainchild behind Spiela, Ivan Kayima was a product of his environment and cites his own upbringing as the inspiration behind the social platform.

Ivan commented:

“My father passed when I was 8 and my mother, who was a young single parent, struggled to raise two young twins (my sister and I) and we were eventually made homeless. As a result, we moved in with relatives and all seven of us lived in a two-bedroomed flat for a number of years.”

“As they say, once you hit rock bottom, the only way is up. I witnessed my mother persevere and put her all into creating a better life for my sister and I. The fruits of her labour have truly been prosperous. She is now in a senior professional role, owns her own property and has provided everything that my sister and I need and more.”

“This has always motivated me to get the most out of life. I grew up in Lewisham, South London, which is statistically one of the worst boroughs in London. I have experienced being targeted by police and even arrested. I was bullied as a child for my physical features and for years battled with an overwhelming desire to fit in.”

As someone who was once a member of social groups Spiela looks to help, Ivan feels that he has the experience and knowledge to relate to these youths on a peer-to-peer level. Having been fortunate to break the cycle of social disadvantage, he created Spiela to help as many of today’s talented youths as possible.

With a Q&A’s every week, Spiela creates opportunities for people from all walks of life to reach out to influential individuals they’d never previously been able to, for advice, support or even just as a sounding board for ideas.

Kayima, along with his co-founder Richard Skene, incorporated the business on September 25, 2013. The two principals share equal interest in the company with Ivan as CEO, Richard as CTO.

Spiela’s main objective is connecting users who have grown up in disadvantaged areas to influential people who can help motivate and educate them in the field they are interested in. If you’re a musician looking to write lyrics, Spiela allows you to invite others to collaborate with you on writing them. The same applies if you’re an author, you can collaborate with others on stories. The possibilities are endless.

The Spiela founders understand that there are many people who do such amazing things but with the right opportunity, these talents may never be truly appreciated. Each user can get a positive role model, who they can collaborate with and learn from. The influential user will, in turn, get to collaborate with a young user, receive a small fee for their services and become a prominent, valued member on Spiela for their efforts.

Spiela is a network which aims to banish the negative messages that bombard other social media sites. Its main purpose is aiding their users to grow in confidence and esteem by collaborating with the right people so that they can walk on their chosen path without fear of insecurities. Spiela’s founders feel the platform has high growth potential due to the amount of young people in the UK alone, who don’t have the guidance or knowledge to follow their dreams themselves, especially when their environments don’t offer them the opportunities they need.

Within four years, the average Spiela user should have projects good enough to give them a chance of employment in their chosen field. They will have lots of support and backing on the company platform from people all around the world. Spiela also have a vision where they can create jobs for themselves on the platform where users can go from being a novice to an expert in a particular field and pass on that knowledge to another less fortunate. This will be achieved by exposing them to what is going on in their field of interest and the people who have the experience in it.

Spiela aims to become a very recognisable brand within their first few years – one that all young people can turn to whenever they need support and help with anything as Spiela will be the platform that can provide that need for them and for their ambitions. The company truly believes that this will bridge the broken social gap in our society and push the current and future generations forward, starting in London during 2016.


Ivan Kayima
For more information go to: http://www.facebook.com/spielafanpage


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