Six Black NFL players have claimed they were refused entry to an exclusive celebrity nightclub in London for being “too urban”. This experience is shocking but it is not unique. This anxiety and outcome are experienced by far too many Black people each time they attempt to go out for a birthday or just a night out with a group of friends.

The Evening Standard has reported:

The New Orleans Saints players were visiting London when they booked a table at Cirque le Soir nightclub in Soho.

But on their arrival, they were allegedly told they were “six big guys” that were “too urban” to enter the club – despite the fact they were all under 6ft.

Mark Ingram, running back for the team, tweeted that himself and cornerbacks Sterling Moore and BW Webb, safety Vonn Bell, and two other friends had gone to Cirque following an “amazing” dinner in the capital on Monday evening.

The good times they were having in London soon turned into bad times…

Sadly this story is not a unique experience

In 2015, a group of Black women were allegedly told they were ‘overweight’ and ‘too dark’ to enter Dstrkt nightclub. It seems the group of Black men from America may have faced similar treatment. My analysis of the 2015 incident seems as relevant in 2017:


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