An officer has been filmed slamming a 12 year old girl to the floor during an arrest. 

The officer in the video has been placed on leave after he was caught on video slamming a 12-year-old girl to the floor.

Although, the footage isn’t very clear, it shows the officer struggling with the girl before lifting her and slamming her face first in to the floor.

The incident took place at Rhodes Middle School in San Antonio, Texas, on 29 March, according to sky news and school officials.

The school district have said:

“The video is very disturbing, and we immediately launched a formal investigation, which is being conducted by both District police and administration,” the statement said.

The officer, identified by local media as Joshua Kehm, was placed on leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

The girl’s mother, Gloria Valdez,  believed the officer’ actions were excessive. However, she acknowledges that her daughter had been in an altercation with another girl.

“All he had to do was grab her and place her away from where she was supposedly at,” she told CBS affiliate KENS. “He didn’t have to use the excessive force that he did.”

Ms Valdez said her daughter, who was suspended from school after the incident, does not remember being slammed or handcuffed.

“She really doesn’t remember what happened because she was I guess unconscious,” she told KENS. “The only thing she remembered was going to the nurse’s office.”

The question being posed is why did the officer need and/or choose to use such force against a 12 year old girl? Some people on social media have come to the officer’s defence. Stating that the girl “shouldn’t have resisted arrest”.

However, the nature of policing and any kind of security job is that you will encounter people who do not want to be arrested. Therefore, people will resist arrest. Despite that your prime objective is to keep yourself safe and to treat them as safely as possible; without using excessive force.

It is my opinion that a grown man, should be able to arrest a 12 year old girl without needing to slam them to the ground. Something that could have caused her lasting brain damage, facial disfigurement or a broken neck.

Imagine if you saw a father slamming his daughter to the ground like this. Would people be so quick to come to his defence?

This video is similar to an incident that involved a young black girl in a class room. Is it just that American police are poorly trained? I speak about this issue here

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