inspirational quote motivation Tony Burton, 78, has sadly passed away. Mr. Burton had the starring role as the trainer of Apollo Creed and later Rocky Balboa in the Rocky films.

The actor featured in all seven of the films in the franchise – even appearing in a flashback scene in the recent Creed movie starring Anthony B Jordan. balboa creed movie rock tony

Tony Burton played Tony ‘Duke’ Evers – an old school, no-nonsense trainer who in the first two films supported Apollo Creed, Balboa’s opponent.

In the later films he became the trainer to Balboa, famously played by Sylvester Stallone, helping him defeat opponents such as Clubber Lang and Ivan Drago. smile stallone tony burton

Tony was also a successful boxer outside of the film world. Having won Golden Gloves light heavyweight titles in 1955 and 1957. He had a short period of professional

After his boxing career diminished, Burton found opportunities diminishing. Leading him to subsequently turn to a life of crime. This resulted in Burton going to prison. Despite that low period in his life, he was able to turn his life around and go on to be a successful actor. It was actually during his time in prison that gave him the confidence to pursue an acting career. Along with, providing him with the training to become a repairman, this later enabled him to meet his future wife, whilst repairing her home. Burton had this to say on how prison changed his life:

‘Prison for me was productive because I got my high school diploma and a degree from the University of California. But most important, I got myself together and found out who I was and how I could proceed without destroying myself.’

Alongside starring in the Rocky franchise, Burton also appeared in notable films like Attack on Precinct 13 and The Shining.

Tony will be missed and remembered by boxing fans and movie fans alike. The Shining jack tony burton

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