First of all, anyone’s opinion ‘against’ specific subjects or causes without doing thorough research becomes flawed. They’re just airing their ‘point of view’ with no substance, which, therefore, becomes invalid when discussing a global movement as in depth and as paramount as Afrikan Reparations.

There is opinion, theory, and fact, we haven’t got time for opinions; we deal with fact! But we do need to saddle up and provide ammo for comebacks for those who are new on the liberation road so they can articulate themselves effectively when attacked because it is important we protect ourselves, our history, our present and our future.

Reparations is one of the most misunderstood terms, the mainstream boiling it down to a compensation payout which is the most deluded, most disrespectful way to attempt to trivialise something down of this magnitude. How can someone compensate you for loss of name, land, culture, nationhood, sovereignty, murder; the list can go on forever! And most importantly, how can someone repay you for something that is still going on today! We have to stop the harm before we can repair the damage.

Reparations isn’t a recent thing, it’s been an ongoing struggle, a lifestyle, a necessity for centuries; there are countless global current campaigns. Even Ancient Egyptians had a concept, ‘Serudj Ta,’ which means an act of restoration, physically and spiritually, moral acts of healing and repairing the world.

15. ‘Everyone used to be slaves’ or ‘The Irish were slaves!’ – And for anyone else who wants to use their history as an example.

If that concerns you so much, go and start a campaign about it! This isn’t about everybody this is specifically about Afrikan Reparations and we’re talking through experience. Slavery is a huge subject containing different methods, styles, and purposes, every experience, and effect of enslavement were different. ‘Everyone used to be slaves’ is way too general. You have to choose one example and research it thoroughly. Are the effects of any other enslavement still prevalent today? Is there any global institutional and systematic racism against them, currently as a direct result of their enslavement?
Just because we are vocal about our situation it doesn’t mean we are undermining anyone else’s experience, but why do you feel to undermine ours?

14. ‘But you were never a slave!’

Some Afrikan descendants are still wearing the last name of their former enslavers. Smith, Williams, Brown, White, Watson etc! We have been stripped of everything and it’s has passed down for decades. We are still affected today. Why is our homeland, the motherland still diced up like a child’s dinner to their ‘ex-colonial enforcers’, the inhabitants speaking their enslavers language, continuing to be servants to their enslavers religion?! Why are the Caribbean islands still suffering from odious debts that lead our families to come over to the UK in the first place! It is the legacy that we still carry. Just because there may not be whips and chains, there is still chains around the minds of some people and the same racist mindset is still prevalent today.

13. ‘We’re all slaves to the system!’

slave system, house nigger picture gold platinum uncle tomWhen you say all slaves, do you mean the entire world is on an equal level playing field? Yes, we are tied into a system where some of us get up and go to work like zombies and never begin to build something for ourselves but it depends on how you look at it. Are you going to grab life with both hands with all the ‘opportunities’ you have in this so called ‘first world country ‘Great’ Britain’ or are you going to sit here debating that it’s ok for things to continue as they are while others continue to be severely discriminated against, murdered on the street by ‘public servants’, used as puppets by ex ‘colonial’ psychopaths and watch trillions of pounds of our resources continue to be illegally extracted by them!

Mark Curtis’ book The New Colonialism, goes into in depth detail about Britain’s Scramble for Afrika’s energy and mineral resources. They control resources worth more than one trillion pounds, 6.6 billion barrels of oil, 79.5 million ounces of gold, 699.3 million carats of diamonds, 36 billion tonnes of coal, the list is endless!

12. ‘Afrikans enslaved themselves!’

Oooh this is my favourite! The whitewash of history. Again, there were different types of enslavement, enslavement was even too harsh of a word to describe the ‘serfdom’ that was practiced in Africa.
Serfs became a part of and could even marry into the family, they had their own land, they could become a person of high status, their entire lives were not subjected to serfdom and it was usually to repay a debt or because they were prisoners of war.
When people use this statement they don’t take into consideration Afrikan Resistance! There were more who fought back than those whose hands were tied and forced into the demonic practice! People are forgetting how entrenched European forces and practices plagued indigenous Afrikans; you were either an enslaver or you were enslaved if you couldn’t protect yourself with resistance. The Afrikan enslavers had no idea what horror and misery awaited their captives across the Atlantic.
Do people really think the initial kidnapping was the bad bit of slavery??? Transporting people across the Atlantic, brutalising and dehumanising was fine because Europeans only ‘bought’ them?!! Always trying to justify their satanic history.

11. What about the Arabs?! Are you going to ask for reparations from them?

Sigh! The next insult will be about how the Chinese are now ‘taking over’, stop trying to pass the blame! I am talking about European enslavement and illegal trafficking of Afrikans! I was born in Britain, my family comes from the Caribbean, which was a British ‘colony’ and they are still controlling parts of Afrika. The Arabs institutionalised enslavement, Europeans internationalised it. I surely wouldn’t hesitate to collaborate with current international Reparations campaigns fighting against the past and present Arab enslavement against Africans!
And who’s asking?! This is justice! Reparations aren’t just one thing that you just get, it’s an ongoing process of repair.

10. It was legal at the time

On whose standards was ‘slavery’ legal? The allegation of legality is based solely on European enslaver states passed AFTER they had been the driving force in transatlantic enslavement for already more than a century, therefore, no law existed when it began and it was certainly NOT legal by the laws of affected Afrikans, nor was it compliant to international law standards of the time! Something so heinous can’t just become legal just because it’s been in practice over a period of time! These biased pseudo laws came about just to justify psychotic white supremacist ideology, their thirst for blood, death and ultimately, greed. It was and still IS a violation of international law. Transatlantic enslavement was not only fundamentally illegal, it was and is the biggest genocide ever, a genocide that is still continuing today in the form on neo-colonialism.

Here’s just one reference book you can read, Slavery: Reparations Time is Now by Nora Wittman, an author who goes into in depth analysis about Afrika before European enslavement, during, Afrikan Resistance, the contemporary effects, the European states involved with their pseudo-scientific laws and proves how enslavement was never legal.

9.You really expect me to pay reparations from my pocket, you must be joking, I never had slaves!

That’s how you will know they have not researched anything! This has to do with the states involved that were compensated billions for ‘loss of property’ and built, and continue to build, their ‘Empire’, which you gladly bask in! You scoff and are proud of your ‘Great Britain’ at the cost of other people’s lives! You’re just concerned because you think food will be taken from your mouth! There’s enough food, money, resources etc, in the world for everyone but only one side of the earth is controlling it through inherited actions and ill-gotten gains! This is about giving back what’s rightfully ours like the ‘civilised’ human beings they claim they are.

8. Your views are so divisive!

No, you just expect me to keep quiet because a subject like this makes you feel uncomfortable.

7.‘You’re racist!’

Oooh stop going on like you’re racially and systematically oppressed. Racism is about power and structure.

6. Why do you have to make everything about race?

angela davis, racism, black power, black knowledge

Because race and racism, pseudo-scientific theories and psychotic ideologies have been the framework and foundation of the current world as we know it! Furthermore, this is about justice, natural law and balance.

5. If you don’t like it, go back to your own country!

After the enslavers were ‘compensated’ £17bn for the ‘loss of property’, the enslaved didn’t receive a penny, this funded the industrial revolution and European states are still illegally extracting resources from Africa to keep the illusion that ‘Britain is great’!
I was born here and my ancestors built this country! What contributions have you made to this country?!

4. All the money compensated from enslavement is gone now!

But these ‘empires’ exist and still thrive because of it.

3. The British abolished slavery!

After they profited and indulged it for hundred of years! Britain didn’t just wake up, have an epiphany of heartfelt regret and decided to abolish it! And even after it was abolished, Britain continued to benefit from it, through subjugation and suffering of Afrikans through colonialism and still continue to do so through neo-colonialism! Afrikan Resistance and uprisings abolished slavery!

2.If it weren’t for enslavement, you would still be living in the huts in Africa!

Asanti Empire of Ghana

The media is your teacher. You see starving children with no water and there you have it, a generalised opinion that makes you sound like you haven’t read a book in years! Afrika is 30.22 million square miles, there are parts of the continent that are just as if not more ‘developed’ than western countries.
Afrika is the biggest and richest continent on the planet, where the entire world feeds of it! That’s where you get the material for your smart phones, your copper, oil, gold, diamonds, coal, cobalt, platinum, gas and more. Why do you think the rest of the world has been raping it for all these centuries! Without Africa, you would be nothing!

1. Stop begging!

Begging? How dare you trivialise what’s benefited you so much! If someone came into your house, beat you up, raped your wife and kids, kicked you out and told you to start calling them master and all you wanted was what was taken back, you’d refer to that as begging?? Reparations are about making repairs, Internal and External repairs! Economic, political, social, educational, organizational, mental, etc, repairs of all kinds so we can create fair, balanced and sustainable societies.

Final Thought…

There’s so much more I want to say! There are so many more points to cover but this is endless because 400 years of enslavement and current day atrocities that birthed from it continue and people will always try to find a way to desperately and disturbingly justify their awful historic participation in the greatest crime against humanity ever committed (still committing)!

Remember, Reparations is plural, it’s not one thing, its many acts of repair internally and externally and it’s a working process that will need people power to effect and enforce it.

There is an ongoing campaign happening right here in Britain, the annual Afrikan Emancipation Day Reparations March held at Brixton Windrush Square from 9am on the 1ST August 2017 to hand in the Stop the Maangamizi: We Charge Genocide/Ecocide petition at 10 Downing Street. The term Maangamizi is Kiswahili for the continuum of the Afrikan Hellacaust of Chattel, Colonial and Neo-Colonial Enslavement. We are in the process of collecting 100,000 signatures to establish an All Party Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry for Truth and Reparatory Justice and to establish an International People’s Tribunal.
Most importantly, we stand in solidarity in celebration of our ancestors before us and raise awareness to those around us. The fight for justice never stops! Our future generations depend on us.


Toyah Arebeegee

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Please visit:

And: for more in depth info about the campaign and to sign the petition

You can also find the petition here:

More information on how you can get involved here:
Tel: 07922035446

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