People often wondered whom the NBA player was in Biggie’s infamous track ‘I got a story to tell’.

It was believed that only industry insiders knew the answer. Some thought the answer had died along with Biggie himself.

‘I got a story to tell’ came out in 1997 as a track on Biggie’s classic Life After Death Album. It tells the story of Biggie going to a woman’s house and being caught having what Bill Clinton would describe as having ‘sexual relations’.

In Biggie’s unique and applauded story telling skills, he is able to take the listener on a journey as the events unfold. You can listen for yourself and read the lyrics

Well, the mystery of 19years seems to have been revealed. As it would seem Fat Joe isn’t apart of the ‘No snitching movement’ as he has revealed that the NBA Player in question was Anthony Mason.

For those of you non-basketball fans or anyone looking to take a trip down memory lane here is highlights of Anthony Mason’s NBA career.

Much like the album the song comes from this story seems to have had Life After Death due to both men now having died.

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Should Fat Joe have told this personal revelation?
Does Anthony Mason match the description Biggie gives his friends?
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