Did Netflix give into Mo’Nique’s call for a boycott and offer the legendary comedian a $10 million deal for a stand up special? Quick answer, no! Mo’Nique has released a video on social media stating that there has been no offer and the deal reports are fake news.

The Internet is becoming increasingly filled with articles written specifically to trigger and clickbait black people and those who are engaged in or follow black culture. These articles span from fake stories about reparations wins, murders, white children suing their parents because they were not born black and numerous other ridiculous claims that most of the time only people who click share before reading articles would believe are true.

Here is what Mo’Nique had to say on Instagram whilst denying that there was any deal completed with Netflix:

NETFLIX DEAL. Get it straight from me. “Lee Daniels behave” LOVE YALL FOR REAL.

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We might run an ongoing series of articles where we debunk the popular fake news stories click baiting people on the internet. It really is alarming how many people do not know how to fact check articles before clicking share or celebrating a false victory.

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