‘Moonlight’ had been receiving exploratory reviews, which have been supported by its eight Oscar nominations. One of which was the film’s editors Joi McMillon and Nat Sanders, securing their first nomination.

Joi McMillion’s nomination makes her the first Black woman to ever be nominated for an editing Oscar.

Outstandingly, ‘Moonlight’ is McMillon’s first feature-length film as an editor. McMillon had previously worked as an assistant editor on reality TV shows, Tyler Perry Project and Don Cheadle’s Talk to me.

McMillon went to the same film school as Barry Jenkins, the director of Moonlight.

McMillon and Moonlights multiple Oscars show that Black actors and production staff all have the talent to great amazing films; all they needed was the chance to showcase their abilities.

We will be discussing the impact of #OscarsSoBlack in a forthcoming article. However, it has to be said that it seems every review of the oscar worthy black films and their nomination has to mention last years debate and discussion. Which feels like a shadow over people’s achievements, making it seem like there nominations are because of last year not simply due to their outstanding work.

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