Michelle Obama audience
It has already been reported that Michelle Obama does not intend to follow in her husband’s footstep. However, her tireless, dedicated and inspiration work as The First Lady has shown she could have united America against this wave of Trumpism.

Michelle Obama has been far more than The First Lady, she has embraced and exceeded the role. To the extent that she has had to take the same baseless and often racist criticism her husband has had to face. Despite that, as she says when people have gone low, Michelle Obama has always managed to go high and be head and shoulders above her critics.

Her speech at the DNC epitomised her greatness and what American’s needed to hear. Michelle’s speech received a standing ovation. With many in the audience wishing it was Mrs Obama instead of Mrs Clinton running for office. Yet, the overriding wish message in her speech was it was time for the part and the people to unite again to secure the future of their children.

Here is the speech to see for yourself

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