Marvel’s Infinity War Trailer is once again a win for Ironman and the crew vs Superman and friends. Yet, this 3-minute trailer reveals just how far D.C is behind Marvel’s universe, planning, direction and loyalty to their comic book fans. Marvel can do a ‘serious’ type movie, a funny one and a mixture of both. Why? because they took their time gaining our trust!


Justice League was average! It felt like D.C was cramming too many backstories into a film that was basically the return of angry Superman, a hug with Louis Lane and then the attempted introduction of comical happy-go-lucky Superman with his super friends and a doubtful Batman.

A Batman not symbolic of determination, planning or intelligence. In his own words, his only superpower is being rich. Outside of that Ben Affleck’s Batman is very un-Batman like. The film’s only redeeming quality is Ezra Miller’s comical interjection and random comments from Aquaman.- ‘my man’.

Therefore, Marvel’s Infinity War Trailer should be called ‘This Is How You Do A Overcrowded Superhero Movie’:

  1. Establish backstories in individual films for characters that matter. Or introduce them in such an epic way that the viewer is like ‘damn, who is that guy? I can’t wait to see more of him/her/it’. Example Black Panther vs Aquaman/Cyborg. No one is like “man, Cyborg seems like such an amazing hero- give me more of that guy.’
  2. Comedy needs great writing. Thor Ragnorak had great writing and bromance. A bromance established in previous movies. Yet, the Infinity War trailer has stopped the jokes. Why? because the world is about to get destroyed! Whereas, D.C just does not know when comedy is needed or not needed. They have zero timing. Thankful Ezra did the best with what he had.
  3. Do not have your best epic fight scene as a flashback! Justice league teased an epic historical battle between Amazonians, Gods, Green Lanterns, Atlantians and random men. Basically a rip off of Lord Of The Rings- but they did not rip enough. The whole film would have been better if 50% of it was that battle. That looked epic! Whereas, Marvel left what looks like an epic battle right at the end of the trailer. This makes the viewer want more and leaves them waiting in anticipation to see this superhero royal rumble.
  4. CGI Villians look lame unless Marvel do them. Ok Thanos, still looked a little lame to me. But he looked a lot better than Steppenwolf, who looked just like he had popped out of a video game. And not a PS4 more like an N64.
  5. ‘Oh my god, I can’t wait to see all of these people in the same movie!’ has anyone said that about D.C movies- Yes, but not because of the cinematic universe,  but because of the comics. Whereas, Marvel has comic book fans saying this and us random folk as well.
  6. Humanise Superman like Marvel has the Hulk. The problem with D.C superman is he is just too strong now. He pretty much bodied all of the Justice League when he was having a temper tantrum. Then after that, he just seemed unbeatable. Whereas, the hulk emotional and mental instability makes him a more likeable character. You know you can’t rely on him to act rationally. Especially, when Bruce Banner admitted he is feeling less and less in control of his greener side.
  7. Have one universe or just do epic standalone movies. The fact that The Flash has his own TV show with a different actor as The Flash makes his impact far less anticipated. Whereas, Marvel has left the TV world for their lesser known characters. With some Netflix fans probably hoping, just maybe one of the cinema stars will have a guest appearance on Netflix- not just be reference by name or their storylines. Whereas D.C fans just enjoy good TV shows and terrible movies. With little connection between the two. Example- Marvel’s Quicksilver was killed off as soon as Marvel saw that X-Men’s quicksilver was way better than theirs. D.C needs to be equally cut throat.

Anyway, this trailer looks epic and hopefully, the film will live up to the hype. I am glad it is a more serious tone. Going to the cinema was tedious when you have people laughing for the sake of laughing, just because Marvel has fanboy mind control over people. Wait? Didn’t I just praise them? Yes, Marvel deserves praise when compared to D.C. But by themselves, they need to keep pushing the envelope out and keep standards high!

What are your thoughts?
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