Marvel released a mockumentary that in less than 4 minutes has symbolised why Marvel is destroying DC in the battle to please comic, superhero fans and movie lovers.

2013 Thor The Dark World

This youtube video tells the simple and funny tale of where Thor has been hanging out since the Avengers pretty much starting ‘beefin’. His 6’6 God like shadow may not have hung too heavy over Captain America; Civil War. However, the question of his whereabouts still needed to be answered.

Although all will be revealed in Thor: Ragnarok, this mockumentary was symbolic of just how well Marvel knows their fan base. It gives Marvel fans a little light hearted humour to wet their appetite as they wait patiently for marvel’s next blockbuster.

Whereas it seems it does not matter what length of movie DC makes; very long or kinda long both will be pretty lame! Even Batman The Killing Joke was pretty disappointing; a travesty, seeing that DC animation usually had a flawless track record of movies. You can click here to see why Suicide Squad may have the worst Joker of all time.

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