The question of whom should pay for the meal on a first date has become a hot topic on social media. This was due to an awkward moment in Channel 4’s First Dates:

Obviously, this is a TV show- so both of the people in the video were paid to be on TV in the first place. However, we can speak on the reality of dating in the real world. It is my opinion that nothing is inescapable from context. Therefore, whether a man should pay for the date is all down to the context of the date.

cute, cute black dolls, black doll couple, black boy toy, black girl toyThe context of whom asks who is the deciding factor of who should be putting their hands in their pocket. Like it or not, most date requests come from men; so men should be paying for the date if they were the person who said:

I would like to go on a date with you, would you accompany me to (insert restaurant)?

As Antoine Allen(me) explains who should pay all comes down to the wording of conversation before the date takes place. Ie was it a mutual decision or did one party lead the request for a ‘date’.

If a woman asks a man out on a date; then she should pay and vice versa. If it is a mutual decision then they should pay for their own meal.

Advice: if you are struggling to afford ‘dating’- simply take your date on a nice walk along a canal, in a park with beautiful flowers or to one of the many free and open museums. Restaurants are not the only places people are allowed to go on dates.

What are your thoughts? Am I right or wrong in your opinion?

Antoine Allen
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