UPDATED: The Independent, Channel 4 and other media outlets wrongly reported that Abu Izzadeen, formerly known as Trevor Brooks, was the man suspected of driving a car at civilians and stabbing and killing a police officer. The facts are, 4 people have died today and 20+ people have been injured. The attacked was shot and killed by armed police. The investigation is on going and the BBC have confirmed that Abu Izzadeen is still in prison.

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A man suspected of fatally stabbing a police officer at the Palace of Westminster is treated by emergency workers after he was shot by armed police- BBC

Independent have reported

Izzadeen was born in Hackney in east London and named Trevor Brooks. He converted to Islam just before he turned 18, in 1993, originally changing his name to Omar but preferring to be known by Abu Izadeen.

He is thought to have been radicalised after he met other famous islamists Omar Bakri Muhammed and Abu Hamza al-Misri at Finsbury Park Mosque in the 1990s. From there, his engagement with terror appeared to grow – he praised the 7/7 suicide bombers and expressed his hope that he too could die a suicide bomber.

He shot to some measure of fame after he interrupted a speech by then-home secretary John Reid. That speech, Mr Reid’s first public meeting with Muslims, was interrupted by Izzadeen’s shouting that Mr Reid was an enemy of Islam.

The Independent has now deleted this article. Channel 4 have released this statement

Earlier, Izzadeen described his location as the ‘house of war’ on his social media accounts. Izzadeen’s social media account has now been deactivated.

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