‘London Marathon: People seen ‘taking bottled water left for runners from the side of the road’. This was headline by the Metro and the social media world has ‘ran’ with the story. As per usual in the court of public opinion people are quick to make judgments and statements.  Some people have labeled them ‘tramps’!. Is this a fair analysis?free water flint crisis london marathon

Context: The marathon had not finished yet. However, it was approaching the end. So there were visibly more bottles of water than runners to drink them. The question is, does that matter? Should these people have waited until the end? Should these people have not received this water because they didn’t earn it? Also, When is something no longer free?

In our latest video we break down whether people are right to judge or is there a bigger issue of whom really should ‘own and sell’ water and whether the global monopoly on water is actually a far bigger theft? I also question why we use such negative language to describe the actions of the poor and needy.water london marathon Facebook video theft tramps bankers

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