The Cleveland Cavaliers have agreed to sign Larry Sanders, former Milwaukee Bucks, Big Man. Sanders previously decided to walk away from his 44 million dollar NBA contract to spend more time with his family and work on his mental healthy and life balance.  During a recent interview after practice, Lebron James was asked about the Cleveland Cavaliers potential signing Larry Sanders. James said:

Everybody deserves a second chance!

Sanders, who averaged 9.8 points and 9.5 points with 2.8 blocks in only 27.8 minutes per game with Milwaukee in 2012-13. Sanders made his Cleveland Cavaliers debut, after 2 years away from the NBA, with 1:58 left in the fourth quarter of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ 32-point blowout of The Detroit Pistons.

Larry recently spoke about what he has been doing in life outside of ‘the game’

Larry especially wanted to clarify why he left the NBA:

“I stepped away from the game for a little bit, and I know everyone thought it was for marijuana. But I had to develop some things on the personal side. I had things I had to handle; as a man, as a father, as a husband. And now that I’ve developed certain things and I’ve grown, I feel confident. And I’m truly thankful to the Cavs and LeBron [James, small forward], for believing in me and giving me this chance.”

Mental health is a major issue for all people, regardless of how much money a person makes. However, as Larry stated it is often hard to imagine being unhappy when a person is earning millions of dollars to play a game they love. Yet, Larry’s story sounds similar to Dave Chappelle leaving the very successful Chappelle Show whereby the love they once had for their chosen professions began to wain. Therefore, they both took the hard decision to put their careers on hiatus, in order to refocus their mind and find more balance in life.

Just as Larry is back in the NBA now, Dave Chappelle’s first televised stand up show will air on Netflix this month. Both of them seem to prove that it is ok to step away from a stressful career in order to gain more clarity and obtain help if needed [To clarify- Chappelle did not leave The Chappelle show due to his mental health issues].

Here is Larry Sanders, in 2015, speaking about leaving the NBA:

If you have any mental or physical health issues, Click here for helplines to call


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