Some have said that John Boyega’s Character Fin was really a racist stereotype of a ‘sweating, mumbling & scared slave’.  In this video we discuss whether their perspective is fair or looks at the concept of ‘heroism’ from the wrong perspective.

There arose a current of racist comments after the announcement that there would be a Black Stormtrooper in the new Star Wars film; The Force Awakens. For many of us it was too be expected; merely the nature of the internet and trolls holding on to the past. However, after the release of the film there were Black people whom saw the character of Fin as a racial stereotype or a trick. A trick to entice ethnic minority viewers into believing they would have their own hero in the Stars Franchise; when he actually wasn’t the compete potential ‘Jedi’ some had thought he would be.  Question is was that a fair review of his character?

In our video we break down why people might have viewed him negative and why others have not.
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