After twenty three minutes of taking a trip down memory lane: I had a sense of nostalgia and a little more understanding as to why people have been swept up in Pokemon Go mania. giphy

Pokemon Go has taken over the free time, data and battery life of millennials & nostalgic 90s babies like myself. However, many of us haven’t watched an episode of Pokemon for a very long time.

Yesterday, I accidentally watched the perfect episode of Pokemon for someone looking to take a trip down memory lane.

Personally, I don’t have Pokemon Go. I don’t like walking around and the battery on my phone is poor. So until they make Pokemon Stay-At-Home, I won’t be joining the trend. However, it is impossible to ignore the pokemon go statuses, memes, videos and general hysteria.

Unbeknown to me, even my Youtube account had succumbed to the hysteria. In my suggestions box sat episode 777- The Fires Of A Red Hot Reunion. Although it sounded like an episode fit for pornhub it was a very nostalgic episode. FYI there is actually a live action (real people) pornhub version of Pokemon; it is both ridiculous, wrong and terrible all at the same time. I only watched it for research purposes.

Whereas, I watched child friendly episode 777 from start to finish; in those 23minutes my mild curiosity turned to a child like joy of remembering the addiction of my youth. FYI It has a new theme tune that sucks in comparison to the original!

This episode told the story of Ash Ketchum explaining his journey of training a Charizard and why he decided to leave him in some kind of Charizard crossfit retreat. This was the continuation of an older story from my youth ie back when every preteen was trying to ‘catch em all’. In other words, using our parents money to buy playing cards.

This episode was perfect for someone who only watched the first series of Pokemon. Back when gotta catch them all only meant 150 Pokemon; not the countless variations there are now. The episode was filled with the original and limited Pokemon someone like us knew and fondly remembered. It had flashbacks to the simple times of following Ash on his journey of trying to become a Pokemon master. Finally it answered one of those questions they throw into the first season of any anime or even TV Show “Whatever happened to the Charizard Ash left to train?”

Overall it was 23 minutes well spent. However, my viewing pleasure has developed in 15 years. So nostalgia alone won’t inspire me to watch any further episodes. I am more of a Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, One Punch man and the eagerly awaited and annoyingly slow Attack On Titan.

Yet, it has to be acknowledged that Pokemon was the ‘gateway-anime’ for many of us. The first anime we watched without even knowing what anime was. It laid the foundation for us to go on to find and watch more.

Thanks Ash! Good luck to the rest of you budding Pokemon Go mobile trainers!

Try not to get tricked by muggers like these guys.

FYI- If like me you collected the playing cards, you might surprised or annoyed to know that Charizard cards are being sold for £1000 on eBay!

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