Music has always been my first passion; ever since I was six years old I remember getting lost in the rhythm and the words.

Music is a very intimate process for me, when I write I feel like I’m sharing pieces of my soul. Music is something that has always been there, it’s almost like my go to, when I’m feeling, sad, glad, angry, any of those emotions, my music allows me to express those feelings in a way that nothing else can. Sometimes my connection with music can be a love-hate relationship, there are times when all I want do is sing, but then being an independent artist, trying to gain recognition for your craft it’s not just about singing. I also have to spend time editing my songs or videos or marketing my music, which is a major disruption for the creative process but I’ve learned to balance this as it’s all relevant.

I see my music as a reflection of me, so I always try, to be honest in my lyrics. There were times in the past when I wrote a song and thought to myself, you can’t write that; I was so afraid of speaking my mind and being vulnerable. I was always worrying about what other people would think, but now I’ve grown to be more comfortable in my own skin. I thought to myself, If I can’t be honest in my music, then where else can I be. So now when I start to have doubts about what I’m writing, I ignore them. People are always going to have something to say, no matter how nicely you put things, It is better, to be honest and vital to be honest with yourself. Some things are just unavoidable.

For me, it’s very much about personal growth within music and outside of music, at this point in my life, I feel like I’m finally peeling away those last layers that have kept me in a box my whole life. I’m not perfect and I don’t want to be, but you know when something is right because it feels right, and that’s why this album is very special to be because it’s my way of finally feeling comfortable enough to say this is me, and I’m no longer afraid to show it; you can take it anyway you like, but know this is me.

The album focuses on various aspects of womanhood; just by being a woman there’s already so many expectations and restriction on how we should carry ourselves and how we should feel. As a society we are so quick to judge and categorizes everything if it doesn’t fit, then we think it’s wrong or irrelevant. For example; if a woman does not adhere to patriarchal norms then she is not lady like or respecting herself. My album No Labels is saying you don’t have to fit, we don’t have to fit, and that’s okay, in fact, it’s more than okay, it is beautiful, it is brave, fearless; it is you.

Quote:”A women need not attain to fixed concepts in order to be respected. She is a woman of her own making and her own right.” Sweet Ambition

Women empowerment is a huge focus point for this album, all women and in particular black women. There are so many negative associations surrounding us as black women, whether it refers to us being too dark, our hair being too thick, how we dance, dress etc. I just believe it’s so important for us to put ourselves first. A woman is free to do as she wishes with her body. The most important thing is that she knows herself and loves herself. Musically I’m inspired by several artist such as Whitney Houston, Sade, Nina Simone, Aaliyah, Lauryn Hill, Michael Jackson, Prince and actually a huge Alicia Keys fan, she has inspired me and my music for years. Her most recent album – Here, is so empowering. Her song titled When a Girl Can’t be Herself is actually a perfect example of the standard some women feel they have to live up to (Quoting Lyrics) ‘when a girl can’t be herself no more, I just want to cry, I just want to cry for the world’ that really speaks to me, because for a long time I was never truly myself and there are so many women who are still struggling to find that comfortability. Sweet Ambition’s first EP is due to be released in August 2017. Her single titled No Labels will be released on all platforms on 17.03.17.

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‘3Cs of Life; choice, chance and change- you must make the choice, to take the chance, if you want anything to ever change. ‘ Antoine Allen
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