love, relationship, exIn the past 2 years, I have been closely observing why many single people have the problem of choosing inappropriate partners. By talking to people, both single and not, I encountered a surprise. I have realised that whilst many individuals are in a relationship, they are not necessarily in a happy one. When viewing from the outside, being in a relationship may seem like a triumph, however, it is tragedy to be in a relationship, and yet feel alone.

Unfortunately, none of us live forever. We all have gifts, and I have decided to help people who have had experiences like myself. People who struggled to develop a meaningful relationship, people who didn’t feel a strong connection with their partner, and people who feel they have not been appreciated for who they really are.

If you can resonate with this, feel safe in the knowledge that you can improve the future for yourself. I know this, because I have done it, and I have helped others do it too. The first step is to become comfortable with yourself. Whether you are currently single or in a relationship, it is hard for someone else to really appreciate you if you don’t appreciate yourself first.

Once you have sufficiently completed that process, then you need to begin appreciating that a relationship is a partnership. It is about two people operating together, to grow as individuals and as a couple.

This may seem obvious to you reading this, but you would be shocked at how often this is ignored. It is common for people to coast in their relationship, paying little attention to how the other person is feeling or to the things the other person wants to achieve. However, these considerations are very important!

These are the basics that will help you find the special relationship you are looking for. If you are already in a relationship, hopefully, these fundamentals will help you keep that relationship special in the long run.

Jermaine Trotman

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‘3Cs of Life; choice, chance and change- you must make the choice, to take the chance, if you want anything to ever change. ‘ Antoine Allen
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