Disney and director Jon Favreau have announced that James Earl Jones and Donald Glover will be joining the cast of the live-action animation remake of The Lion King. This is after the success of The Jungle Book,  MaleficentCinderella, and the upcoming Beauty and the Beast live action movie- in cinemas on March 17th.

Many people have high hopes for this latest Disney classic receiving a modern live-action update. No doubt most Disney fans can already guess which role James Earl Jones will be reprising:

But Donald Glover’s role was less of a foregone conclusion:

‘Oh My Disney’s excitement echo the thoughts of many other Disney fans- they said:

‘We are so excited to see more of what is sure to be a breathtaking visual story, as Favreau and The Lion King team bring a photorealistic life to the story of Simba, building on the groundbreaking technology used in The Jungle Book. Combined with amazing voice talent like James Earl Jones and Donald Glover, we’re sure to be in for an amazing experience.’

Here’s Screen Junkies Honest Trailer for the original Disney film


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