Watch the robot Google and their scientist have made  that’s one step closer to killing us all; they are even start bullying it to make it that little bit more human hating!!!!

Boston Dynamics owned by Google have designed this robot. CNN reported that CEO Jason Calacanis said.

“This is really the end of manual labor. When you watch this video, he’s walking through the snow; he’s wobbly, but he gets back up…It’s super eerie. In 10 years, the idea is going to be ‘would you let this [robot] put your kids to bed? Would you let it change your kid’s diaper?'” Calacanis said. “That’s how fast this is going to advance. It’s picking up packages right now. These things are going to be walking down the street 10 to 15 years from now, delivering pizzas; they’re going to be in your office moving packages around.”

Calacanis also body stated that‘s offices currently have robots executing simple tasks and “eliminating human jobs.” Question is, don’t humans need their jobs anymore? You know, to pay for things like bills and mortgages…

Will this robot kill us all?robots matrix irobot movie google asimo

Probably not!  Robotics has a long way to go before we have to worry about hoards of robots chasing after us and making us their energy source[Matrix]. Most of us would be able to out run this robot. Especially, those of us not ruining our chances of survival by wasting our legs away, by moving around on a ‘Hoverboard’ . However, there are many more agile robots like Honda’s Asim. The robot can run at 6mph, it can play football, jump up and down and has its own show at Disney Land. The bigger issue here really is the loss of jobs that can come from robots being given task like manual labor. I am sure the cleaners at Amazon’s office weren’t cheering and thanking their robotic replacements….

With that said, we have an article coming soon, on the future of robotics and its potential impact on our current way of life. So please keep coming back to check that out.Robot Gif matrix terminator Irobot google

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