Ghetts celebrated the 10 year anniversary of his critically acclaimed mixtape Ghetto Gospel by performing live in London, Camden’s roundhouse. Before he went on stage Ghetts sat down with Keira Speaks and opened up about how he has changed, stayed the same and developed as an artist over these 10 years.

Ghetto Gospel

In 2007 Ghetts released his second, pre-album mixtape Ghetto Gospel. The mixtape was a departure from his previous release, 2000 & Life, being more mellow and featuring tracks about subjects such as girlfriends and his mother. In previous interviews, he has stated that the mixtape’s calmer tone is to “prove people wrong”, as he does not want to be typecast as an aggressive and angry rapper. As Ghetts himself said, this lead to mixed reviews from ‘grime purists’. However, it did enable him to reach a wider audience and express himself on more topics.

“Ghetto Gospel” was considered Ghetts’ breakthrough of that year and era, with ‘Top 3 Selected’ becoming an underground hit in its own right. He personally names this mixtape as his best body of work in many interviews.

The album is titled Ghetto Gospel to demonstrate that Ghetts has put his soul into creating it.

On 27 October 2007 Ghetto performed with Kano at the BBC Electric Proms, performing alongside a violinist.

Hypothetically, Ghetto Gospel was Ghetts’ debut album in which he labelled as a mixtape; due to a recent interview with Link Up TV where he described Ghetto Gospel being his first studio album, but became unsure as to what to label it as because of industry influences and a lack of resources at that time to have called it a full LP. (Therefore his ‘debut album’ “Rebel With A Cause” (2014) would’ve been his second studio album.


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