Emmanuel Eboue Told The Mirror he was afraid to open his house door in case the police attempted to remove him from his home. This was due to an expensive divorce which resulted in his ex-wife being granted ownership of their house and assets. Even though he had earned millions playing 7 years in the premiership, he was now facing financial ruin and was hoping his former club Arsenal would offer him a job.

Eboue earned millions of pounds playing for Arsenal. He then went on to earn 1.5million a year playing in Turkey for Galatasaray. However, Eboue stated his wife looked after his financial affairs and he also lost money due bad advice from people.

Eboue admits he was naive and has never been financial literate. He wants other players, African especially to learn from his mistakes.

Eboue is currently unable to earn money from playing football, due to ill-health.

Eboue stated

“I can’t afford the money to continue to have any lawyer or barrister.

“I am in the house but I am scared. Because I don’t know what time the police will come.

“Sometimes I shut off the lights because I don’t want people to know that I am inside. I put everything behind the door.”

‘My own house. I suffered to buy my house but I am now scared.’

Eboue said that he has not seen his children since June.

“I can’t see them and it is hurting me a lot,” he said. “I was close to my children and ready to do everything for them.

“My two girls have a phone and used to call me. But now it has been two months with no contact.

“I miss children. I miss my children a lot and I want to see them because it is not fair. It pains me a lot.”

Eboue is hoping his former club Arsenal, will offer him some kind of mentor or ambassador role.

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