Rio Ferdinand’s playing days are over but he has not forgotten how to bring joy to people’s lives off of the pitch. The former England Captain Ferdinand alongside his restaurant pledged live on air to donate £500k worth of Toys to children’s toys to Cash For Kids.

Ferdinand told the station:

“Christmas is a time when families want to get each other presents and there are obviously people that are less fortunate than we are so we want to try and help them and donate £500,000 worth of toys.”

“As a father myself I couldn’t see children going without opening a present this Christmas day.

“We’re not looking for a thank you, we’re just trying to help people out.”

Cash For Kids supports disabled and disadvantaged children in Greater Manchester. The charity’s Mission Christmas campaign aims to help at least 60,000 children in Manchester who are at risk of not getting a present this Christmas.

christmas, gifts, presents, wrapping, rio, Ferdinand’s gift goes a long way in improving the image of footballers. Often their large wages don’t see justified in a world with such poverty and inequality. Arsenal’s players recently donated one week’s wages to Arsenal’s charity campaign. It is good to see a footballer giving back to the community that cheered his name for so many years.

Arsenal’s players recently donated one week’s wages to Arsenal’s charity campaign. It is good to see more footballers giving back to the communities and people that cheer their names.

Hopefully, Ferdinand’s actions will inspire footballers and members of the public alike to give a little this Christmas.

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