british athletics, Germaine mason, jermaine mason, british athletesFormer 2008 Olympic medalist, Germaine Mason, 34, has been died during a motorbike accident in Jamaica. Mason was born in Jamaica, but he switched to represent Great Britain, two years before winning a silver Medal for Great Britain at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Mason was able to represent Great Britain because his father was born in London.

Mason was also a close friend of Olympic legend Usain Bolt. Super Intendent Calvin Allen, has said

Usain Bolt was part of the group that came by and he was very, very emotional, and still is…

Our information suggests he[Mason] lost control of the motorcycle and fell to the ground and received serious injuries, mainly to his face, head and upper body,”

The BBC has reported that the  ‘evidence suggests he was not wearing a protective helmet.’

“He was transported to hospital in Kingston where he was sadly pronounced dead.

“A number of his friends and associates were on the scene. I understand they arrived as soon as they heard. He was a person who was well loved by many.

“It is a very mournful time in Jamaica. The entire country grieves for this standout athlete. It is very, very sad. We want to express our deepest condolences at the untimely death.”

Fellow British and World athletes have paid tributes on social media about the sad news regarding Mason’s death:

Germaine Mason joins a growing list of inspirational Black figures that we have lost this year.
RIP Germaine Mason 20 January 1983- 20 April 2017.

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