Chappelle speaks about an incident that happened in his hometown of Yellow Springs, OH, USA. This was where two Black men were tasered by the police at a New Years Eve Festival.

Chappelle suggested that the town could benefit from selecting a new police chief.

“I would beseech the council to look deeply and a little hard because this is a golden opportunity ― literally we could kill the game ― in this Trump era. This is an opportunity to show everybody that local politics reigns supreme. We can make our corner of the world outstanding.”

Although, Chappelle is speaking specifically about a local issue in his community, the comedian makes some powerful and universal points. Chappelle speaks on the need for the police to represent the people they are protecting and serving. By representing, he insinuates the police must be seen as of the people not simply an ‘alien force‘ that is there to arrest or watch unknown citizens. This model of policing is not unique to Chappelle’s town. Therefore, having a police force anywhere, that people know and that is from the local neighbourhood, is the best way to build community relations and safety.

Here’s Chappelle’s stand up on why Black people are afraid of the police

Some people(Rightwing commentators) believe celebrities should not speak on ‘normal people’ issues. However, a celebrity(with actual talent) is usually a type of person that has a unique way of portraying ideas, thoughts and beliefs in an easily understood and ‘real’ way. This ability to communicate to the masses but also have the notoriety to speak to people in power, should be used for the benefit of their communities and humanity at large.

With that said, he is the trailer for Dave Chappelle new stand up comedy on Netflix:


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