Charlemagne gave Tomi Lahren Donkey Of The Day for denouncing of Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance. Today they went head to head in a heated discussion on Beyonce, Black Lives Matters movement, the Black Panthers and misinformation.

Give it a listen. I think Charlamagne does a very good job.  Personally, I would have made a couple of additional points. Namely that in politics the words terrorist/terrorism are basically used at will to discredit; with very little reference to the many disputed definitions of the words themselves. With that said there are people whom do commit acts of terrorism. But those people vary from individuals, groups to our own governments. Hence why people like Noam Chomsky referred to America as a State Terrorist i.e. 100,000+ civilian killed in the Iraq war. I am sure those people have known ‘fear’ of American  bombing raids.
With that said, both Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela were referred to as Terrorist at some point. A state will often call a resistance group, anti-establishment or anti-status quo organisation a ‘terror’ group.
But think logically, if the Black Panthers were a terrorist group and America is/was full of guns. Just how easy would it have been for such a group to a have simply gone on a killing spree? Considering that teenagers in America have done mass killings on many occasions…martin luther king legal

One would think that maybe their methods and motives weren’t actually terror like.
A system that is unequal will seek to keep the status quo. Thus any group take seeks equality will be investigate and fought against.
Moreover, the martin luther king vs Malcolm X discussion. The world is not ran by Martin Luther Kings. Every country that has the power to do so operates a Malcolm X strategy of foreign policy. IE if you take us we will attack you back. That was the simple message. No more no less. Also his message changed over time as he knew more about the world and realised that some of his initial statements were to generalise and device. He publicly said he had changed his mind on some issue. In conclusion, none of these peoples were ‘terrorists’. If they were then everyone in America are descendants of terrorist since they achieved independence from the British on 4th July 1776…

What are your thoughts?
Who do you think won the debate?
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