Before Mar Jacobs’models and earlier Justin Bieber revealed their “dreadlocks” to the world and were accused of cultural appropriation, there was a video of a Black woman telling a White man he could not have dreadlocks. Her reasoning was he was doing ‘cultural appropriation’. However, most people do not know what cultural appropriation is. Or they are influenced by the misinformation from bloggers who turned it into a buzzword. A buzzword that they barely know how to define or worse they use it to get likes and retweets. This is what I call “conscious for profit”.

Even worst is the fact, that the conventional media has run with this story without attempting to teach people the reasoning behind her actions. Turning her into the villain and the White guy into an oppressed victim. However, sources have said he called her a “Bitch” before the video began. With that said here are our explanations of  what cultural appropriation is and there are bigger issues at hand!!!! Hopefully, by the end of the video you will understand the issue a little better!

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