When it comes to social media challenges, black people aka black twitter has often an unrivalled ability to make challenges go viral. From various dance/music challenges to the Get Out film challenge.

The challenges can often be fun and create somewhat of a social media cohesion between the online black community. However, I believe we can use that sharing power to also promote the small black owned businesses from our community, that would love some viral coverage.

This is why I have started the #BlackOwnedBusinessChallenge, challenging people to share information about Black owned business and helping them gain new customers.

For a long time, I have been of the opinion that one of the biggest issues in the Black community is the desire to support black-owned businesses, but the lack of knowledge of how to find them.

I have previously written about the lack of Black toys in stores and provided a list of online Black-owned toy stores. 

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I found this list of online black-owned health and beauty retails from OfficialBlackWallstreet.com and Afrocks.com

If you have a hair and beauty business, share the link for it in the comment section.

Please suggest any other types of business you think I should create a list of.



‘A company that has created a brand concept consisting of makeup, bespoke cosmetics and skin and body care products. The company’s portfolio is composed of completely natural products and services that embraces and caters to every skin tone and complexion.

Antidote Street


Born out of a desire to revolutionise black hair and skin products in the UK, Antidote Street is an online platform offering a curated selection of hair and grooming products. They also provide useful tips, advice and product reviews via their blog.



Inspired by the birth of the founder’s daughter and the desire to find a natural hair crème for her, MourMourCreme offers a range of homemade hair, beard and body products using only raw, unrefined and natural ingredients. The products are suitable for all hair types and suitable for babies, children and adults.

Yako Beauty


A London based hair care brand delivering a range of products made natural plant and fruit extracts, nurturing oils, antioxidants and vitamins and without parabens, silicone and sulfates. The hair care products are created with a diverse range of hair types and textures in mind as well as environmental sustainability, packaging the crèmes in recyclable tubes.



A UK based company providing a range of high quality cosmetics including lip creams, eyeshadows, loose powder and lashes. Happy shopping!

XSandy’s Hair and Beauty


A wholesale and retail hair distributor, founded by Sandra Brown-Pinnock, creator of the “Xsandy’s” brand of hair extensions offering a selection of hair, body and men’s grooming products as well as hair extensions and wigs. Worth mentioning that Xsandys’s is the only black-owned hair and beauty store in South East London! Well done Sandra, this is very inspiring!



A UK based business aiming to promote healthy hair growth offering a hair butter made using natural ingredients, minimal chemicals and additives where possible. The business also aims to support the Sickle Cell Society (SCS) by donating 5% of all revenue to the SCS.



Offers a range of holistic natural hair and organic skin care solutions developed as an extension to the holistic hair care and wellbeing services provided through Almond & Avocado Ltd. Most of the ingredients used in the products are inspired by or can be sourced in the Caribbean and a percentage of sales are donated to Alopecia UK.

Alikay Naturals

Purchase: www.alikaynaturals.com
Owner: Rochelle Campbell

Alodia Hair Care

Purchase: www.alodiahaircare.com
Owner: Dr. Isfahan Chambers-Harris


Purchase: www.bglh-marketplace.com
Owners: Norman & Leila Noelliste

Camille Rose Naturals

Purchase: www.camillerosenaturals.com
Owner: Janell Stephens

Chocolate Kinks & Kurls

Purchase: Chocolate Kinks & Kurls
Owner: Juanita Henderson

Curl Collection

Purchase: www.shopfemmenoire.com
Owner: Nadja Renise


Purchase: www.curls.biz
Owner: Mahisha Dellinger

Curls & Potions

Purchase: www.curlsandpotions.com
Owner: Michelle Nicole Fontaine-Jones

curLUXE Naturals

Purchase: www.curluxenaturals.com
Owner: Anikitia Abram

Diva By Cindy

Purchase: www.divabycindy.com
Owner: Cindy Tawiah

E’TAE Natural Products

Purchase: www.etaeproducts.com
Owner: Kisha Tompkins-Hudson

Earthtones Naturals

Purchase: www.earthtonesnaturals.com
Owner: Susan Walker, ND

EDEN BodyWorks

Purchase: www.edenbodyworks.com
Owner: Jasmine Lawrence

Envii Haircare

Purchase: www.enviihaircare.com
Owner: Adrianne White


Purchase: www.ettenio.com
Owner: Antoinette Davis


Purchase: www.everbutter.com
Owners: Bryant & Kummbareh Owens

Evolving Textures

Purchase: www.evolvingtextures.com
Owner: Amazon Smiley & Nadra Smiley-Martin

FREE Beauty

Purchase: www.shopfreebeauty.com
Owner: Selena M.


Purchase: www.behuetiful.com
Owner: Ken Burkeen

Hydratherma Naturals

Purchase: www.hydrathermanaturals.com
Owners: Saleemah & Willie Cartwright

Inahsi Naturals

Purchase: www.inahsi.com
Owner: Rhonda Marshall

Jane Carter

Purchase: www.janecartersolution.com
Owner: Jane Carter

Karen’s Body Beautiful

Purchase: www.karensbodybeautiful.com
Owner: Karen Tappin


Purchase: www.keravada.com
Owner: D. Ware


Purchase: www.kinky-curly.com
Owner: Shelley Davis

Koils By Nature

Purchase: www.koilsbynature.com
Owner: Pamela J. Booker

Kreyol Essence

Purchase: www.kreyolessence.com
Owner: Yve-Car Momperousse

Kurlee Belle

Purchase: www.kurleebelle.com
Owner: Terrinique Pennerman

Lil Little

Purchase: Lil Little
Owner: Rachal Prince

Lion’s Mane Botanicals

Purchase: www.lionsmanebotanicals.com
Owner: Rose Garner

LUV Naturals

Purchase: www.luvnaturals.com
Owner: Kim Love

Mielle Organics

Purchase: www.mielleorganics.com
Owner: Monique Rodriguez

Miss Jessie’s

Purchase: www.missjessies.com
Owner: Miko Branch

Moisture Love

Purchase: www.moisturelove.com
Owner: Jeannell Darden

My Honey Child

Purchase: www.myhoneychild.com
Owner: Krika Bradsher


Purchase: www.naturalicious.net
Owner: Gwen Jimmere

Naturall Club

Purchase: www.naturallclub.com
Owner: Muhga Eltigani

Naturally Nadine

Purchase: www.naturally-nadine.com
Owner: Dr. Adrienne Carthon


Purchase: www.hairvitaminstore.com
Owner: Leola Anifowoshe

OBIA Naturals

Purchase: www.obianaturals.com
Owner: Obia & Omini Ewah

Oyin Handmade

Purchase: www.oyinhandmade.com
Owner: Jamyla Bennu

Pooka Pure and Simple

Purchase: www.pookapureandsimple.com
Owner: Dawn Fitch

Qhemet Biologics

Purchase: www.qhemetbiologics.com
Owner: Felis Butler

Rapunzel The Future of Hair

Purchase: www.rapunzelthefutureofhair.com
Owner: Rasheda Stewart

Reagan Sanai Natural Hair Essentials

Purchase: www.reagansanai.com
Owner: Renosha Hill


Purchase: www.soultanicals.com
Owner: Ayo Ogun-McCants

Taliah Waajid

Purchase: www.naturalhair.org
Owner: Taliah Waajid

tgin. Thank God It’s Natural

Purchase: www.thankgodimnatural.com
Owner: Chris-Tia Donaldson

The Mane Choice

Purchase: www.themanechoice.com
Owner: Courtney Adeleye

Treasured Locks

Purchase: www.treasuredlocks.com
Owner: Tywana Smith

Tree Naturals

Purchase: www.treenaturals.com
Owner: LaTresha “Tree” Sayles

Tropic Isle Living

Purchase: www.tropicisleliving.com
Owners: Lois & Michael Hines

Uncle Funky’s Daughter

Purchase: www.unclefunkysdaughter.com
Owner: Renee Morris

Up North Naturals

Purchase: www.upnorthnaturals.com
Owner: Lisa Keizer

Wonder Curl

Purchase: www.wondercurl.com
Owner: Scarlett Rocourt



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If you found this list useful, please check out https://afrocks.com/blog/36-uk-black-owned-businesses-absolutely-need-life-2017/#books for the full list.

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