The Hitler’s ‘downfall’ parody video above hits the nail on the head of what an increasing number of British people are feeling.

With that said what’s done is done.

It is like Britain and the EU were in a marriage. The marriage wasn’t amazing but it wasn’t terrible either. They had a mortgage together and occasional good times. The EU had a couple of bedroom rules, which in the most part were inconsequential to most people’s lives. However, for many the allure of being single was too tempting to resist.

Therefore, they opted for a messy divorce because a single tinder life sounded like the perfect opportunity to spend time back in the gym getting the country ‘fit’ again and spending more money on ourselves. We had forgotten the part of the mortgage our former partner was paying and the rooms they had been renovating. We ignored the fact that our marriage kept the mortgage payments low and our income stable.

Maybe even apart of us thought they would beg us not to leave or agree to a casual relationship. When in fact upon hearing of our wishes for a divorce, they deleted our number and issued an eviction notice.

Now, we can only hope we live up to our hopes and do not realise our fears! Or the alternative is we end up sitting alone in a run down house watching reruns of The Young Ones whilst reminiscing on the marriage we took for granted as Britain’s health gets worse and worse. Occasionally Facebook stalking our European partners, as we grow increasingly envious of their prosperous life. We think about asking them if they want to get back together, but we know they now know we have very little to offer them…Vote leave Vote Remain By Age

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