The Mirror has reported that a group of teenagers tied a Black boy to a football goal post and proceeded to whip and racially abuse him. The schoolboys were only suspended for two weeks for their shocking attack.

The identity of the school and the boys have not been revealed.

The Mirror wrote

A group of teenagers allegedly tied a fellow black student to a lamppost and whipped him in a ‘mock slave auction’.

Police are investigating the incident but the board of governors at the school in Bath have reportedly refused to expel three of the pupils allegedly responsible.

At least seven white teenagers are accused of chaining their fellow pupil to a lamppost and whipping him with sticks, calling him extreme racist names harking back to the slave trade, reports the Bath Chronicle.

The secondary school, which this newspaper has chosen not to name to protect the victim’s identity, says it “thoroughly investigated” what it described as “an incident” in January and that it took action “in line with statutory procedures”.

But all the alleged perpetrators were temporarily suspended and are now reportedly back at school – alongside the victim.

Three of the alleged perpetrators were originally expelled by the headteacher, but were allowed to return when the board of governors overturned the headteacher’s decision.

The governors decided the expelled trio should be excluded along with the other four boys for about two weeks over their actions.

The victim’s parents did not wish to comment, but other parents were fuming about the situation.

When originally questioned about the incident and how it was handled, the school said: “An incident took place in January which involved a group of established friends.

“This incident was thoroughly investigated by the school and action taken, in line with statutory procedures.

“The police were informed by us and an investigation is ongoing, fully assisted by the school.”

The chair of the board of governors said he was “not able to add anything” to the statement issued by the headteacher.

The school did not tell parents about the incident until today, after they learned the Bath Chronicle was going to publish a story.

Parents at the school are in shock and social media has reacted in a similar fashion.

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