Billy Paul was a star of the Philadelphia soul sound of the 70s ; he is best known for the No1 hit and classic soul song Me and Mrs Jones. Sadly, the soul singer has died at age 80. 1326421a7df3934937562e2df4eed9e3-1461571054

“Paul, whose career spanned for more than 60 years, died at his home in Blackwood, New Jersey, his co-manager, Beverly Gay, told Associated Press. Paul, 80, had been diagnosed recently with pancreatic cancer, Gay said.

The song was one of the top US singles of 1972 and brought Paul a Grammy the following year for best male rhythm ’n blues performance, with runners-up including Ray Charles and Curtis Mayfield. Paul remained identified with the song for the rest of his life. His other hits included Let ‘Em In and Only The Strong Survive.

Paul faced numerous obstacles following his biggest hit. Radio stations resisted his more socially conscious follow-up song, Am I Black Enough for You and Jesse Jackson was among those who objected to the explicit Let’s Make a Baby.” Guardian

Even if Bill Paul didn’t receive the recognition he deserved, he gave us an all time classic song. Much like Steelo with his “I wish” hip hop song; sometimes people only need that only track to secure their legendary status. Paul will forever live on each time his classic hits are played.

In a month where we lost Prince as well, this really has been a sad period for music. But as many have noted the music section in heaven just gets better and better.
Here’s a reminded of his greatest hit Me and Mrs Jones

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